We are a Professional Disc Jockey Service.

We Are:
Examples: (Big)Weddings, (Small)Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties,Christmas Parties, School Dances, and Retirement Parties.

We are not: Bar's, Club's, and Bachelor Parties.

We will train employees to be Professional Disc Jockeys we have all the equipment.

Employees will show up for work on most Saturdays at about 4:00 pm, with their car or truck, I will give them directions to the Place of the party (a hall). Most parties will end at 12:00 at night.

Employees will start by being a wedding assistant, helping the DJ-MC to do a wedding.

After being a wedding assistant for a number of jobs (this may vary).
When the employee is ready then, we will send them out to DJ a party as a Disc Jockey MC.

We pay (assistants and MC's) very well and very fair, and the DJ and assistant can get Tips from the Customer at the job.

Most (if not all) DJ job's will feed the DJ at the hall.

This work is not hard and a lot of fun and enjoyable, and very Rewarding, but an employee needs to be Responsible, and Professional.

An employee needs to have:
(1) Most weekends available for work.
(2) A Car or Truck.
(3) Have a pair of Black Paints (dress) and Black Shoes.
(4) Have a Professional appearance.
(5) Be Responsible.
(6) Have a show up for work / the show must go on attitude.

We are looking for:
(1) Long time employment employees, it takes me some time to get DJ's to be a wedding MC, and then I will use them for some time to come.
(2) Honest employees with a good personality.
(3) Employees who could see themselves (some day up the road) introduce a wedding party into a room at a wedding.

We are not looking for:
(1) Employees that do not show up for work, on time.
(2) Already DJ's that have equipment and are looking for more work.
(3) Employees looking to Play Rap music all night.

If you are INTERESTED CALL ME at 401-765-1240